Vintage Bridal Photo Shoot Update

Vintage Bridal Photo Shoot Update The rest of the photos are ready from the spring weekend photo shoot. The photos below include current Vintage Aisle vintage wedding dresses, Adelaide, Florence and Amelia. One of our gorgeous models is also showing off some of Vintage Aisle's vintage wedding accessories, headpieces! All available at Vintage Aisle now!! [...]

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Vintage Bridal Photo Shoot

Vintage Bridal Photo Shoot It was a fun-filled spring weekend at Vintage Aisle - my two lovely sisters Hannah and Amelia modelled a selection of Vintage Aisle's ready-to-wear original vintage wedding dresses. I am very excited to present the first photos available from the photo shoot, featuring the gorgeous model Amelia wearing the "Rose" vintage [...]

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Welcome to Vintage Aisle!

Welcome to Vintage Aisle! Welcome to Vintage Aisle, my new online store where brides-to-be can find their perfect vintage wedding dress. The creation of this store was inspired by my own search for an original vintage wedding gown which I wasn't able to find online. After extensive and expensive alterations of a brand new wedding dress [...]

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